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UNESCO,The mandate of the United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization covers a wide range of global issues.UNESCO also contributes to peace and security by promoting international cooperation in education,sciences, culture,communication,and information.Body encourages share of knowledge and the free flow of ideas to accelerate mutual understanding and better knowledge of each others lives.Establishment takes places in many national and global cooperations and activites which carry the purpose of protecting culture,promoting science and improving educational conditions.

Biodiversity is the living fabric of our planet.It underpins well-being of human life in present and future,and its rapid decline threatens nature and people.The leading global drivers of biodiversity loss are climate change,invasive species,over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution,and urbanization.The modern world,which harms local peoples and rare cultures in many senses,and the negative effects that occur in the system of nature,will be one of the topics of UNESCO member states in this meeting.

Around the globe,hundreds of cultural heritage items are smuggled across borders. Sometimes it is done for black-market selling or personal satisfaction, but the main idea is to profit from stolen ancient historic pieces. In the process,most are damaged beyond repair or lost.With the importance of these pieces,since they are crucial for remembering our histories and our ancestors' craftsmanship,member states of UNESCO will debate and create solutions upon the illigit situation.

Agenda Item A: Threats toward local cultures and bio-cultural diversity
Agenda Item B: Preventing the smuggling of cultural heritage

Under-Secretary General:Bedirhan Cura
Academic Assistant:İrem Döker

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