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UNEP,the Ethics Panel of the United Nations is charged with developing a unified set of ethics standards and policies for the UN Secretariat and the separately administered funds and programmes, and to consult on important and complex cases and issues having United Nations-wide implications.

With rapid developments and many breakthroughs in the past years regarding cloning and genetical and bionic enginnering, international questions have come forward about regulating these activities. Both for the sake of peoples health, and regarding possible economic issues due to commercialization. Whether it be the alteration of the goods we consume, the animals we use, or even us ourselves; we must decide on limits for now, and for the future. Therefore,representative states of this meeting will discuss and produce solutions upon the mentioned topics.

Agenda Item: Ethics and regulations on genetical and bionical alteration

Under-Secretary General: Timur Sipahi
Academic Assistant: Yaren Yalçın

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