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UNDP is a programme established by the United Nations to exclusively work on development and imprpvement.As the United Nations lead agency on international development,UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality.UNDP's work is concentrated in three focus areas;sustainable develpment, democratic governance and peace building,also climate and disaster resilience.In this meeting,member states will focus on first and third goals in general mean.

It is a well known fact that our planet is getting hotter day by day,and the main reason for this is carbon emissions.Natural resources -mainly fossil fuels- which produce energy,also produce some gasses that cause global warming. However,usage of these resources is vital for many factories in nearly every field. It is important that all representatives should search ways to reduce carbon emissions without damaging global economic realities.

As we all know,plastic producitons are game-changers for global markets.After plastics invention,almost all sectors changed their ways to produce and use their products.Today,it is possible to see plastics in everywhere from hospitals to homes. This situation shows that it is almost impossible to get rid of plastic once it has been produced. Today,humanbeing is even able to spot micro-plastics showing their effect in our bodies. Member states are expected to find imminent solutions to plastic usage with following logic,and without seriously risking important production lines and global economies.

Agenda Item A: Carbon emissions in industry with regards to economics and enviroment
Agenda Item B: Plastic usage with regards to economics and enviroment

Under-Secretary General: Burak Eren Ceyhan
Academic Assistant: Doruk Esen

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