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1815:Congress Of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna was a diplomatic gathering of the victorious powers of Europe to discuss the political and constitutional future of Europe following the Napoleonic Wars. At the wake of Napoleon’s conquests across Europe, many elements of the old order was destroyed in favor of a system that would establish France as the dominant power in the continent. Now with the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, the diplomats of the victors meet in Vienna to restore order and peace to the continent.

The Congress has historical significance in the fact that it was not held with the gain of the respective victors in mind but instead was held to establish a stable order in Europe that would protect peace. Among the topics that the victors in the Congress of Vienna talked about were the redrafting of the European borders, particularly of Poland, France, Germany and Italy as well as countermeasures against liberal, revolutionary and republican movements taken by the great powers. These problems would be resolved by careful diplomacy, appeasement and compromises on all sides, which would help build the Concert of Europe, a political order that brought near 99 years of uninterrupted peace between the great powers.

Agenda Item: Discussing the future of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars

Under-Secretary General: Yılmaz Egemen Oflu
Under-Secretary General: Umut Uğur Uysal

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